Environmental issues are important to Topcore

  • Topcore produces spiral-wound cores that are 100% recyclable: they can be reused or recycled into raw materials for cardboard
  • Our spiral-wound cores are made of 100% recycled material
  • Topcore has energy efficient production: we use a closed drying process, and recirculate the hot air
  • Biofuels (pellets) are used for heating, and they are made of sawmill by-products
  • Our glue vats are equipped with protective walls
  • Topcore monitors CO2emissions in its operations and shipping out its cores; in January 2020, Topcore switched over to CO2 emissions-free electricity, which will reduce Topcore’s emissions by 35%
  • Topcore requires the shipping companies we work with to have new, low-emission transportation equipment

Occupational Safety

Topcore sees occupational safety as an essential component of its organisational culture

  • Our ultimate goal is zero accidents
  • We use protective equipment in accordance with safety-specific guidelines
  • We are always developing guidelines and other documents on occupational safety, and we continuously make sure that they are being followed
  • We carry out an annual risk assessment, and we immediately implement measures based on it
  • Our staff is regularly trained on occupational safety issues