Topcore professionals are experts in choosing the right cost-efficient core for the right application.

Paper industry cores for various customers

T6, T8 and T10 grades for printing papers (SC, LWC), T4 and T6 for newsprint, T4 for cardboard and T4, T6 and T8 for both fine and speciality papers

Inner diameter 70–410 mm, wall thickness 5–19 mm, length 500–10,000 mm

Plastic industry cores

T4 grade for plastic film manufacturing

Inner diameter 25–410 mm, wall thickness 1–19 mm, length 10–10,000 mm

Cores for converters and other industries

T2 and T4 grades for solutions that do not require as much strength

Inner diameter 25–410 mm, wall thickness 1–18 mm, length 10–10,000 mm


Topcore is known for its high-quality cores

  • Core manufacturing is a carefully managed process
  • Professional staff, modern equipment and standardised production guarantee manufacturing cores of the highest quality
  • Topcore uses only the best raw materials from well-known suppliers
  • Our production is constantly monitored
  • We do standardised measurements in our updated, state-of-the-art core-testing laboratory since 2019
  • After analysing core test outcomes, we can make changes in production as needed


Topcore has a production capacity of 12,000 tonnes annually on three production lines. Core lines 1 and 3 manufacture heavy cores, mainly for the needs of the Finnish paper industry, and line 2 manufactures light weight cores. We have up-to-date production machinery and we are equipped with modern on-line cutters and robots.

Our closed drying units are an energy-efficient method of drying our spiral-wound cores.

Topcore’s production philosophy guarantees delivering cores to our regular customers quickly.